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Less Water, More Care.

The first question I asked myself when formulating Refuge Hair Care is, "Do we need all this water." Being that my background in the beauty industry is 20 years working behind the chair with real clients and founding / running a hair salon group. I wasn't thinking about profit margins when I dreamt up REFUGE HAIR, to be perfectly honest I needed a hair treatment system that could give me the ability to heal hair. I needed a tool to create healthy hair. Profits were the last thing on my mind. As it turns out profit is the exact reason the traditional shampoo is so runny. So in short no we do not need "all this water!" 

The thick and creamy texture of our products goes further in your shower. My goal is when you step into the shower you can replicate that "shampoo at the salon feeling." check out Hydrate + Balance Clay Shampoo Concentrate you wont be sorry. 

The rich lather of our Concentrated Clay Shampoo starts out a cleansing experience you have never had before. When emulsified, our shampoo lathers into a what I describe as a whipped foam. The more water you add the more suds you feel, the longer you massage the more the clay base purifies your scalp.

Our Concentrated Crème Masks are a heavy hitter preforming among the top professional treatment's truly transforming your hair while rinsing out with a weightless finish. Leaving behind only your hair's natural shine. Nourish + Grow Creme Mask Concentrate is a weightless dream for fine and thinning hair. 

Concentrated Conditioning balm is designed to seal down your hair cuticle. Locking in the benefits, and giving your hair long lasting protection. A little goes a long way. Shop our Shine + Seal Conditioning Balm and see for yourself.

 Every clean-beauty ingredient in Refuge haircare is handpicked for its powerful benefits and meticulously sourced for purity. Plus, each formula is superconcentrated, delivering the highest possible percentage of hair-loving actives without all the water. I truly hope you enjoy the healthy hair care systems I have created. 




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