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Split Up With Split Ends

You don't have to accept split, broken, scraggly ends. I can help you rebuild your hair's integrity. Lets start with 4 easy fixes to get your hair back on track. 

1. Adjust Your Wash Routine

Your hair washing schedule is deeply personal. No seriously, so many factors go into it. how often you work out, what type and how often you use dry shampoo, as well as your body chemistry. Typically I suggest washing every 2/3 days. However you will discover the best wash strategy for yourself through some trial and error. I can confidently say say washing everyday is too often & it will surly disrupt your scalps delicate oil balance not to mention drying your ends out. While on the flip side being aggressive with dry shampoo and only washing weekly can also leave you with dry ends and clogged pores. This leads to premature shedding and dandruff. Some hair types can go a week without washing no problem the clue to whether this is you is how much dry shampoo you are using to extend that long. Let your hair be your guide. what I have noticed in the last 20 years as a stylist is the day your hair looks the best is your last day before washing is needed. once your hair peaks do not push it an additional day.   

P.S. Do not shampoo the ends of your hair, shampoo is designed for your scalp. 

2. Detangle, Then Brush

this tip is so simple we often mess it up! To be clear, detangle first from your ends to your roots. this will ensure you are not breaking your hair and causing split ends. Next brush your your and scalp from the roots to ends, this stimulates your scalp and helps move your natural oils/ natural protective barrier to the ends of your hair. 

3. Get Regular Trims 

When your hair gets dry/ damaged it starts to fray. The cuticle layer is splitting open, kind of like getting a hangnail. If you don't trim it off the split end will fray higher up on the hair strand. When you do finally go in for the trim your hair is not any longer, the split ends have climbed causing breakage and now your stylist will have to cut more off.  At the end of the day the lesson is trim regularly.

4. Condition with Consistency

When I developed Refuge Hair Care Systems the cream masks and conditioning balm were formulated to give hair essential nutrients and also fortify & protect the cuticle, your hair's outer most layer. Masking weekly and using our conditioning balm with every wash can ensure those split ends are a problem of the past. 

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