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What is standing between you and your dream hair?

I know I am not alone in coveting the hair I had as a teen. It was full of volume yet light and bouncy. It was ridiculously shiny! As a stylist for 20+ years I dreamt of a lightweight haircare routine that truly nourished hair.

For 2 years I developed the NOURISH + GROW system. The first step was to identify that ingredients that would give big impact without weighing hair down. Fennel Seed Extract is a natural dilator. This ready's your scalp to welcome in other essential ingredients that will aid in rejuvenating your scalp and hair. Almond Protein fortifies your strands reducing breakage, leaving your hair stronger and thicker while naturally derived Tripeptides strengthen your hair follicles to help fight premature hair loss. 

Bringing your hair back to its prime is not only doable it is simple. No more harsh cleansers! Sulfates may enable our shampoo to lather well however they strip our hair of much needed moisture leaving a faded, shallow tone behind. Instead we can rely on natural and gentle cleansers. Refuge Hair uses our Step 1, Clay Shampoo to gently cleanse. White clay purifies the scalp while coconut oil gently cleanses. We also ditched the silicones. Coating your hair makes it shiny for the day, but it also weighs your hair down so it no longer has natural bounce.  In REFUGE hair systems after you cleanse, you mask. Our step 2, Crème Mask ensures your hair and scalp get the essentials it needs to thrive and only after we seal in the goodness with step 3, Conditioning Balm.

Whether you need to enhance your naturally fine hair with Nourish + Grow, strengthen weak and fragile hair with Repair + Protect, or simply quench thirsty hair with Hydrate + Balance, we have got your back. Healthy hair is a click away. 


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